What no engine oil!!!!

What no engine oil!!!!

This test was carried out in Paphos, Cyprus at the Begining of March 2010.

What happened after the test????

The distributor comments "I would just like to let you all know what we have been doing, today we carried out a further test on our Diahatsu Charade. Since the original test, I expect we drove about 500 kms, we have added no more oil neither have we re-applied anymore 2001E. I wanted to drive the car without oil, as it seems that it is very hard to satisfy the sceptics. We drained it and I drove about 20 kms in total first uphill to the highest point in our area, the car was absolutely fine, no problems at all and the same on the return journey. When I arrived back at my mechanic's garage, all were very impressed and urged me to put the oil back into it"


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