Molyslip Atlantic Limited is an independent UK-based manufacturer of specialised lubricants, and has been selling products at home and abroad since the 1940's.
These products are used in all sectors of Industry (particular strengths are in Marine/Off-shore, Ship Building, Repair and Maintenance, Automotive, Metal-working, and Food and Beverage production and packaging) in its major sales territories of Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Export sales have always been a very important contributor to turnover, and Molyslip is represented in over 50 countries worldwide.
The product range is concentrated around anti-seize compounds and molybdenum enriched oils and greases, which help prolong machine, component and tool life, and save engineers' time and money by reducing 'down-time'. 
New product development is integral to our future, as is appointing new distributors in countries where we have little or no exposure. We are committed to consistent and high quality products, and to the best levels of customer service.