Anti-Seize & Assembly Compounds

The World Renowned Comprehensive Range of anti-seize and thread lubricants.


ALUMSLIP is an anti-seize assembly compound which is also a highly efficient thread lubricant and protective. ALUMSLIP contains finely divided lamellar particles of aluminium together with micronised talc and graphite, compounded with a non-melt bentone grease base.


COPASLIP® is an anti-seize compound specially formulated to protect against seizure even in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. It also protects against rust, oxidation and other corrosion. COPASLIP® consists of micro-sized particles of copper in a semi-synthetic base. To these basic anti-seize ingredients are added highly effective oxidation and corrosion inhibitors.


NICKELSLIP is a nickel based extra high and low temperature anti-seize assembly compound. Containing pure nickel, aluminium and graphite in a non-melt base with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, also resistant to acids and ammonia. For use when copper cannot be present.


CERAMIC ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUND is a very high purity anti-seize compound and assembly paste. Manufactured from micro ceramic particles together with micronized mica, compounded in a non-melt synthetic grease base. Under pressure the solid particles form a uniform matrix, filling surface irregularities and preventing both leaks and the intrusion of contaminants. Working temperature range from any sub zero temperature up to 1500°C; at the higher temperatures the synthetic grease burns off leaving the ceramic particles to act as the anti-seize. A further advantage is that, as it does not contain any metals, electrolytic corrosion is prevented as the differing metals are insulated from each other.


MOLYSLIP AS40 Anti-Scuff Paste is a gelled lubricating oil, containing 40% molybdenum disulphide and 15% graphite, forming a soft paste. It also contains rust and corrosion inhibitors.


MOLYSLIP AS60 Anti-Scuff Paste is a gelled lubricating oil, containing 60% molybdenum disulphide, forming a soft paste. It also contains rust and corrosion inhibitors.


FOODSLIP is a premium quality compound for use where incidental contact with foodstuffs may occur. Acts as a lubricant up to 230°C and as an anti-seize up to the softening point of PTFE a 340°C. The use of Foodslip, an H1 Registered anti-seize assembly compound, will ensure easy assembly and dismantling. Prevents seizure, leakage and rust.


MOLYSLIP ADF (Air Drying Film) is pure molybdenum disulphide in an air drying, bonding resinate for spray or brush application. It provides lubrication where oils and greases cannot be used, e.g. where there is danger of dust contamination, and is excellent for the pre-treatment of parts such as gears and slides before assembly. It is also ideal for the lubrication of small mechanisms.