MOLYSLIP ADF (Air Drying Film) is pure molybdenum disulphide in an air drying, bonding resinate for spray or brush application. It provides lubrication where oils and greases cannot be used, eg where there is danger of dust contamination, and is excellent for the pre-treatment of parts such as gears and slides before assembly. It is also ideal for the lubrication of small mechanisms.


MOLYSLIP ADF is ideal for pre-assembly treatment. The film prevents scuffing during the initial stages of running-in new components. After assembly it provides exceptional, longlasting lubrication which gives a considerable reduction in wear and consequently lengthens the life of a component.


It is essential that all parts are thoroughly clean, dry and free from oil when MOLYSLIP ADF is applied to ensure a good bond. The sub-micron particle size of the molybdenum disulphide used in this product (average 0.5 micron) makes it possible to apply an extremely thin film which will not interfere with normal assembly tolerances. If components are to be stored before use, treatment with MOLYSLIP ADF will inhibit corrosion during the indoor storage period and provide immediate lubrication when they are put into use.