High performance friction fighter. The all inclusive metalworking range for tapping, drilling, threading, sawing, reaming, broaching, drawing, pressing, extruding, forging and forming

MCC ( Moly Cutting Compound)

MOLYSLIP MCC compound has been developed as a highly efficient lubricant for metalworking operations. It is particularly effective with more difficult metals and alloys such as titanium, stainless steel and nimonics.

MWF (Metalworking Fluid)

MOLYSLIP MWF is a concentrated neat cutting fluid containing a unique oil-soluble molybdenum compound together with extreme pressure anti-weld additives. Helps give greater cutting accuracy and prolonged tool life.

MWS (Metalworking Spray)

MOLYSLIP MWS should be applied directly to the cutting tool or workpiece to meet the extreme pressure conditions in cutting and forming. Its extreme pressure agents help to prevent weld, or pick-up both with tough metals and light alloys. MOLYSLIP MWS is especially useful for hobbing, gear shaping, thread grinding, broaching and tapping.

MEP (Extreme Pressure Cutting Fluid Additive)

MOLYSLIP MEP Soluble Cutting Oil Supplement contains high proportions of emulsifying agents, EP anti-weld additives and a stable soluble molybdenum compound. The stability of soluble oil dilutions varies greatly and it has been found that oils containing higher proportions of emulsifiers give the best results.

MSO (Water Soluble Cutting Oil)

MOLYSLIP Soluble Cutting Oil is a proprietary base, blended with low-gravity, solvent- refined neutral oils and is completely free from cresylic acid, phenols and cresols and the alkalinity is controlled at pH7. The product is practically odourless and is kind to the skin and includes an effective biocide.

MTG (Machine Tool Grease)

Molyslip MTG is lithium-based and has exceptional extreme pressure load bearing capacity. It has high oxidation stability and excellent rust prevention and inhibition properties. The inclusion of molybdenum disulphide as well as graphite helps to extend maintenance and routine greasing intervals, in addition to offering superior lubrication and added protection. It has a high melt point, and is resistant to water and soluble oil dilutions.