Workshop Products

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Combat (5 in 1 protective lubricant)

MOLYSLIP COMBAT is a water-displacing anti-rust fluid which leaves a protective film. It is a stable solution containing sophisticated chemicals and petroleum derivatives together with lanoline which is an excellent protective and lubricant. It contains no silicones.

Rusolvent (Dismantling and Releasing Fluid)

MOLYSLIP RUSOLVENT is a highly efficient dismantling and releasing fluid which rapidly penetrates the finest clearances and cuts through rust and corrosion.

MSS (Silicone Spray)

A specially formulated, non-staining, silicone spray containing a powerful release agent. MSS has very good covering properties and is economical to use. It's fine spray ensures an evenly controlled coverage with one application. MSS is colourless and provides good temperature stability and electrical resistance.