ALUMSLIP is an anti-seize assembly compound which is also a highly efficient thread lubricant and protective. ALUMSLIP contains finely divided lamellar particles of aluminium together with micronised talc and graphite, compounded with a non-melt bentone grease base.


ALUMSLIP gives lengthy protection against galling, corrosion, rusting and seizure in the most arduous conditions of exposure and temperature. Under pressure the solid particles form a uniform matrix, filling surface irregularities and preventing both leaks and the intrusion of contaminants. Use on all studs, nuts, bolts and other threaded connections, including turbine casing studs, burner nozzles, all boiler inspection points and furnace bolts. Invaluable for application to any component that needs to be dismantled.


ALUMSLIP is recommended when there is a prejudice against copper ie when copper can be electrically or chemically active. In some respects the high temperature performance of ALUMSLIP is superior to that of COPASLIP® but it is not so effective as a lubricant or as a protective against rusting or corrosion.

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