OCL (Oven Chain Lubricant)

OCL is a 100% synthetic product developed for use where cleaning of the chain is as important as lubrication. It is employed to good effect where carbonisation has occurred owing to the use of conventional lubricating oils which form carbonaceous deposits at high temperature. The clear fluid is preferable to lubricants containing graphite or molybdenum disulphide, where staining of materials such as textiles must be avoided. This applies to stenters and heat-setting or crimping machines. Other areas of use are to be found in bakeries and potteries.


OCL is an excellent lubricant and protective for components made from rubber, whether natural or synthetic. This applies to seals, O-rings and plastic bearings which would be attacked by conventional lubricating oils causing swelling and softening. The formulation is based on special polyalkylene glycols and synthetic esters and it does not include any solid lubricants. It is desirable that a new chain should be run-in using MOLYSLIP PAG colloidal suspension lubricant. This should also be employed if the operating temperature exceeds 220°C for lengthy periods.


GRADES: The standard grade is of ISO 150 viscosity which permits a generous feed and rapid penetration, but when it is essential to avoid dripping either of the two heavier viscosity grades ISO 320 and ISO 460 can be made available.