MWRL (Moly Wire Rope Lubricant)

Moly Wire Rope and Chain Lubricant is a tenacious semi-fluid grease containing molybdenum disulphide and graphite. Provides lubrication and prevents corrosion in adverse conditions. Solid content of the grease reduces friction and provides cushioning. Highly water repellent and does not wash off. Its good adhesive qualities prevent fling-off, allowing for extended periods between applications.


Moly Wire Rope and Chain Lubricant is designed to provide excellent lubrication and protection to wire ropes by penetrating the core as they flex; it is unaffected by adverse weather and severe marine conditions and resistant to most aqueous solutions of acids and alkalis. As such it is to be recommended for wire rope dressing, where complete lubrication, penetration and protection from wear and corrosion are essential.


Apply at normal ambient temperature by spray, swab or brush.